Thursday, August 27, 2015

Venicienc at work

We went for a walk to the down town core of Venice. Later in the day it gets very busy on the Piazza San Marco, so we decided to leave relatively early and take a look. We arrived at the square shortly after 09.00 and the line up to get into the "Basilica Di San Marco" was over 150 feet long. So we opted to enjoy it from the outside.
San Marco is for sure the center of attraction in Venice. It is a beautiful building, however a lot of the buildings in Venice are in various stages of decay and in need of repair.

Very interesting is to see how this place operates. The island has a total area of just over 400 square km. and a population of just over 260.000  No motor vehicles, the entire island is dissected with canals and bridges that connect each section with the other. When you walk through it early in the morning you get a sense of how everything works.
Small delivery barges with cranes make sure that the supply's get to where they need to go. sometimes causing traffic jams in the canals. We took several pictures to try and give a glimpse of all the activities. 
Laundry service

Delivery of frozen food.
Beverage delivery. (notice the flask,s of wine)

General delivery.
Delivery in the back door of a restaurant.

The garbage "ship"

All this can lead to a traffic jamb. Notice the gondola,s in the back ground
Last but not least the "gondola" factory" or at least one of them.

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