Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From Mljet to Korkula

Actually I skipped one stop and that was on the island of Sipan.  I think subconsciously I wanted to forget about that stop as we did not have a pleasant experience anchoring there.  The anchorage was a very nice setting, however it was in a long, relatively narrow bay with lots of boats anchored. We tried to get a good hold, but had to try several times before we succeeded to have the anchor set really good. Once we were settled in the sail boater behind us was quite concerned that we were to close, and if the anchor would let go again it would take him out also. Rather than arguing with him I obliged him and moved to where he suggested, only to find out that no matter how hard I tried I could not get a good hold. So I moved back in with all the other boats and got the anchor to dig in. Not as good as I wanted to, but  I thought it would do. well guess what, the wind picked up and blew right down the length of the bay, and the anchor did NOT hold. So here we were total darkness and trying to get an other place to anchor. After moving into deeper water and letting out almost all of my 300 feet of chain we had a really good hold.  

And that is why I think I forgot to mention this anchorage. Needless to say we did not go ashore and we moved on at first light. 

 Here we are approaching the island of Korkula. 

 Korkula town is coming into sight. Korkula is like a mini Dubrovnik in that it has a fortified wall around it as well. 
It is a very pleasant town to walk around in and explore.                                

 Like so many old fortified town's, quaint narrow streets. This family had a little settee in front of the door to their house.

Where do one's kids go to do their home work, or craft, if you don't have a back yard? On the street!!


Anja said...

In the bible when we read "early in the morning" it actually says "at first light" kind of neat to see you use that saying

Bill and Joanne said...

Perhaps it is because we are boating in the same general area where the apostles traveled. I often do think about what it was like to travel these waters in the first century like did.