Wednesday, August 12, 2015


We spent a couple of days in the Split marina on a dock. Had to do some house cleaning and re provisioning. Also had a rendezvous with Lidija and Os. We met them 4 years ago in Belgrade, and now again in Split.

The city of Split as seen from the water.

 These little sail boats are everywhere there is a marina.  Sometime we have seen as many as 12 to 15 of them. These are young people learning to sail.

There is always a spotting boat with an instructor with them.

Split marina is on the main land on a peninsula. The main harbor is on the south side of the peninsula and Split marina is on the north side. We needed to take the dingy from Split marina to the main harbor ( about a 15 min. ride) to do our provisioning.

On our way in we encountered this float plane taking off right in front of us. On the pict. it looks far away but in reality it looked like he was right in front of us.

 We went for a stroll on the harbor front promenade.  Like any other major center it was very busy.  Not really our style and it was not long before we retreated to our "more quiet" Split marina, where most of the people and boats are locals as opposed to transient. 

 Our highlight of our stay in Split. Meeting up with Lidija and Os after meeting them 4 years ago in Belgrade on the Danube.

They took us to a restaurant where they prepare  lam on the spit over an open fire. Apparently very traditional for this area. There is nothing better than to have the locals introduce you to there traditional cuisine.
It was a great night.

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