Sunday, September 1, 2013

In the monastery.

 Before we can enter we have to be dressed "properly" Ladies have to wear something below the knees and shoulders need to be covered. Men can not go in with shorts!
 A variety of dress is hanging on the fence and we pick what we think fits best. 

 Small windows look out over the water.

 The entrance to the monastery 
 Narrow alley ways lead up to the various rooms.
One of the rooms was furnished with a table and benches on each side. in addition there were a few chairs so all altogether it would seat about 10 to 12 people.
A young boy  was sitting in one of the narrow windows keeping track of how many people were up in this room. When we first reached the stairway up to this room we were directed up a different stairway. Once we were  finished here and came back down he motioned for us to go up in to the little room. When we got there we were instructed to take a seat and a priest came with a tray of several small strong drinks and an equal amount of glasses of water. Everyone was offered one of each. I would have liked to have a picture however pictures were not allowed in side.

A look down from the top.

The little white area below left is where the parking lot is located and it is a long winding path up to the monastery.
We first arrived just before noon and the sun was beating down on this side of the mountain where the path was.
We had the scooter rented for the day and decided to come back in the afternoon  when the path was shaded by the mountain. Even so we sweated buckets by the time we reached the top.

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Anja said...

That sure looks like a lot of climbing, but well worth it