Thursday, September 5, 2013

From Our anchorage at Antiparos to Sifnos

We navigated through the rocks on the north end of Antiparos on rout to Sifnos.
It was a 4 hour run but pretty rough.The boat was covered in salt when we arrived in Sifnos from all the spray we took on in the rough weather.
When we got to our dock in Kamares Sifnos  I proceeded to wash all the salt off the boat. while doing so I stubbed the bottom of my foot on something. It really hurt, but thought nothing of it until the deck I was washing turned red.  Upon closer inspection I realized that I cut the bottom of my foot pretty good. I stuck my foot over the side of the boat and Joanne was trying to bandage up my foot with blood staining the side of the boat. This attracted all kinds of attention and some one who claimed to have a medical back ground took a look at it and said that I should have the cut stitched up.
An other man Antonio ( a cook in a nearby hotel) offered to take me to the next town (Apollonia) about 15 minutes away from where we were. He arranged for the doctor to come to the clinic (it was after hours) he told us all about what was happening on the Island. There was a local food festival with 24 Island of the Cyclades participating.  After I was stitched up (with out anesthetic) he drove us back to the boat.  The next morning we went for breakfast at the hotel where he was the cook. Antonio took out time from his busy schedule and posed for a picture.

Some of the sights around the hotel which was located in a very nice place with awesome views.

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