Sunday, September 15, 2013

Internet access is slow and limits us to upload pictures which I hope to do in the next day or so when we have better access.
Besides the Corinth canal, there is a stretch of water proximately 100 mile long consisting of the gulf of Corinth, and the gulf of Patras. This was the most boring part of our trip. As well we ran into some unpleasant weather from Corinth to our first stop, an anchorage in Kallithea on the north shore of the gulf of Corinth. Not only was the passage unpleasant but once we got to our anchorage we could not get the anchor to hold. We tried all three anchors we carry on the boat but non would dig in. Someone on shore motioned for us to go to the  ferry dock however the waves were rolling in pretty good and we did not want to take a chance of getting smashed against the rough cement wall.
So we tried one more time in a different spot and even though it was not completely in quiet waters the anchor held real good and we stayed there for the night. 
The next day we continued on our way. The storm had passed and we had a very pleasant cruise to Mesolongion. This part of the trip brought us through the narrowest part of the water dividing Peloponnisos from the rest of Greece. Here there is a long bridge connecting Peloponnesos the the rest of Greece. When we got to Mesolongion we found a very large, new marina (3 years old) This area is unlike anything else we have encountered in Greece and is a bit of a marshy area with houses along the long and narrow channel entering in to Mesolongin build on stilts.  
The next morning (Sept 15th) we continued on our way again and cruised all the way to Mitika, only 14 mile away from the northern end of lefkas and Preveza. The weather was really nice and calm and the scenery spectacular. We already know that the Ionian Islands will be much nicer than the stretch of water separating Peloponnesos from the rest of Greece. 

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Looks like you are going to be in Preveza early.