Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Arriving in Athens

 From Sifnos we cruised to Kythnos and anchored out. We took the dingy down and went to the port town of Merihas.  The next morning we lifted anchor and set out for main land Greece. We steamed right through till we reached Athens (close to 50 nm)
Athens Marina (formerly Faliro marina) was founded in 2004. The original marina was enlarged to accommodate large yachts of up to 130 m (over 400 feet) We are talking about super (mega) yachts and one such vessel was docked close by where we were docked. It dwarfed is in comparison.

Here is one of the super yachts I was talking about. It is a Greek build vessel, and was just being commissioned.  I was not able to get much information about it.

The marina was located just across one of the many stadiums and about 6 km from Syntagma square. This is where the Parliament buildings are located and is a short walk to the old town center.  

Many side walk cafe's in this area.                                                                                                    

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