Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Acropolis

The Parthenon build in honor of the Greek goddess Athena, after whom Athens is named.
The Odeon of Herodes build in 161 BC with a view of present day city of Athens
The Erechtheion was buid some 27 years after the Parthenon (420 BC)
The "Areios Pagos" is located on the hill leading to the Acropolis ( the Acropolis was the most secret area in ancient Greece and on top of the hill) On the foot of the hill leading to the Acropolis was the area known as the "Ancient Agora"   This was not only the commercial center in ancient Greece but also the area where all the administration buildings, the courts, and the market place was located. The ancient Greek gathered here not only to buy their goods, but also to learn about the latest news, and criticize the government. (Not much has changed as we still meet to criticize the government)      The Areios Pagos ( the hill in the picture above) is of significance because this is where the apostle Paul chose to address the Athenian's in 51 AD. The bronze plaque in the picture below is in commemoration of Paul's sermons here    

 The way leading from the Ancient Agora to the Areios Pagos Joanne is having a rest in a the shade of an olive tree
One of three of the oldest churches build in Greece.
Paul converted a number of Athenians among them "Dioysios" the patron saint of Athens and the first Bishop. A church was build in and named after him and the remains can still be seen in the back ground of this picture. 

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