Sunday, September 22, 2013

Made it to Preveza

Not very interesting pictures, but there is a story behind it.
When we got to Preveza, this (the pictures)  is all that was left on the back upper deck of the boat.
When we left in the morning we knew the winds were going to pick up but would not become bad enough to stay put. At least not with stabilizers.
We also knew that we had intermittent problem, however I would turn them off and on again and the stabilizers would continue to do there duty just fine.  
Our last stretch (about 4.5 nm) to Preveza took us across the bottom end of a large section of open water. The stabilizers conked out again. No matter what I did they refused to operate properly.  The winds reached bft 8 ( 35 to 40 knots) and we were rocking and rolling pretty good. Never were we worried about the sea worthiness of our Kady Krogen, however it was not pleasant to hear everything roll, and slide from side to side. The dingy was secured with three 1/14 " stainless steel cables and they decided to snap under the pressure of the dingy tugging on them. The end result was that we arrived in Preveza less our dingy!!!!
Tony (the technician from Trac) came to the rescue and repaired them by installing new some new electronic circitry

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