Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Heading back south

Anchoring by the island of "Sivota"
on the coast by Mourtos

 Joanne needed some "Basil" for the evening meal and often you can find it growing along in pots by the restaurants. Not sure if it is "for the picking" but Joanne did not ask!!

 By this time the weather has turned the usual clear blue sky and bright sunshine.
We enjoy a very calm and relaxing cruise towards the main land coast
On the way to Corfu we headed straight to the island of Paxi just south of Corfu.
This time we follow the coast back to Preveza and our first stop is by a group of small islands near the village of "Mourtos"
One of the islands is called "Sivota" and that is what the area is called, and NOT Mourtos. I found this out when I checked in with the port police (something that needs to be done each time you come to a different place)  in Preveza.
When he asked me where I came from I told him Mourtos and he did not know what I was talking about. When I showed him on the chart he said "Oh Sivota he told me "only locals call it Mourtos.

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