Tuesday, October 15, 2013

From Paxi to Corfu

 Approaching "Corfu town" about 2/3 of the way north on the island. Corfu is the greenest, in terms of vegetation of all the Ionion isalnds. The weather is still a bit unsettled but we arrive and have a good ride because the southern part of the island shelters our voyage. 
Soon we see the strategic eastern point of Corfu town with it's old fort dating back to the Venetian time.
Corfu is the name by which the island is known to the western Europeans who make it one of the most popular vacation destinations.
The Greek name of the island is Kerkyra.
It was first settled by the Corinthians in 734 BC who at that time named the island Corcyra
We wanted to see the interior so by car we toured the northern half of the island.
Close by Kalami we made a coffee stop at a B&B with a picturesque view over the Ionion sea.
 On the northern end of Corfu we see a large fish farm.
 One more stop for refreshments, and a game of "backgammon"
 Old Corfu town has many souvenir shops. This one is full of articles made from olive tree wood.

 If in Corfu town one must go and visit the castle, so here we are on top of the castle overlooking the christal clear water.  

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michaelkmsgevecchio said...

Wow...my husband and I found your blog through the Kadey Krogen email updates. I have a million questions for your guys! We have been looking at KK's for about 3 years, and our goal would be to travel around Europe on our boat. Tips and hints?? How did you get your boat over to Europe? Please feel free to email us! Happy travels :)

Katie and Michael