Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting hauled out of the water

 On Aug 25th at 11.00 hr, Le reve was scheduled to be hauled out of the water and be stored on the hard in Cleopatra marina in Preveza.

This marked the end of our cruising season for 2013.
All in all we traveled just shy of 800 nm (1460 km) in 62 days (Aug 25 to Oct.25) from Didim Turkey to Preveza Greece.
During that time we visited 15 Islands and 5 mainland ports. Some we visited several times. The bottom picture shows only part of the 800 boats in storage at Cleopatra marina.
Right beside Cleopatra there are two more marinas, Aktio marina, and Ionion marina. Of these Cleopatra is the biggest, but all and all there are some 2000 boats stored here.


Anja said...

enjoyed reading about your adventures

Mike, Sandy, Alex said...

I think I know some folks interested in joining you on the next leg toward Croatia.