Saturday, October 26, 2013

Going for a little criuse with the Bonsink,s and the de Jonge,s

Out for a little test cruise. Arend is not only an expert marine technician, he also knows how to operate a boat. I guess I should not be surprised at that, as he has build many, and various boats as well as solved many technical problems. He also is the one who installed our solar panels, and they are doing a terrific job. For the time that le reve is "on the hard" The solar panels are keeping the batteries charged without the need for any outside electricity. The only thing is that the bow thruster is hooked up as a 24 volt system and the panels deliver 12 volt to the boat. But not to worry Arend again came to the rescue. After making a few changes these batteries also now are getting charged during winter layup.  Anyone needing service work done one there boat I can highly recommend the 

Gebr. A&J Bonsink - Zwartsluis

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