Saturday, October 26, 2013

A culinary experiance.

Our friends found this very unique, and very, VERY good restaurant in one of the small side streets of Lefkas, it was called "the Seven Seas". The tables are set up just on the street as many are here in Greece. However where the seven seas was located the street was so small there was only just enough room for one row of tables along the one side of the street.
We were all taken into the kitchen and had a look at what was cooking this night. 
This pot has pork, and that one beef, still and other had something else. All and all there must have been 10 different pots on several regular home stoves. We got a very detailed explanation of what everything was. 
The ovens were even loaded with different kinds of food. We managed all to make a choice, and it was no doubt the best meal we had in a restaurant in Greece. Thumbs up for the "SEVEN SEAS" culinary

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