Monday, September 19, 2011

Home via Istanbul

 We traveled from Didim (the marina) to Izmir, a 2 hour car ride. In Izmir we boarded a plain to Istanbul. We had one overnight in Istanbul before we continue  to Toronto via Kiev.

We arrived in Istanbul mid afternoon so that gave us just enough time to go to a couple of the attractions, the Grand bazaar and the spice market.

I have never seen so much stuff in my life. You name it and you can find it. And it goes on and on and on....

Not only is the market very interesting the trip (by taxi) to and from was something else as well.
I believe all taxi drivers are former race car drivers. Part of the reason they drive like maniacs is that they get paid by the km not by time. So the faster they can get you to your destination  the sooner they can pick up some one else.
Some of the roads we traveled were two lanes without the lines painted on the road and they made a three lane road out of it.

 Ont thing you see at the market is some one walking around with a tray with tea on it. (Turk's really like their tea.)
So when we wanted a picture of the tea delivery man, they were all to glad to pose.

Next thing they insisted WE sit down and have their tea.  The guys offering the tea were rug salesman and of course they were hoping to sell us a rug.  Real Turkeys rugs are beautiful, good quality, and plenty of shops selling them.

The spice market also was very interesting. you can't think of a spice or it is offered for sale. The minute you walked into the building ( which was large) the aroma meets you.  

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