Monday, September 12, 2011

Visiting Ephesus

Joanne in front of the shrine of the virgin Mary. According to archeologist and  theologians Mary left Jerusalem after the crucifixion for two reasons. 1/ she was grieve stricken and 2/ it was not safe for her, or other Christians for that matter,to be in Jerusalem at that time. 
According to the gospel of John. Jesus before dying on the cross entrusted to him the care of his mother when he said "here is your mother" and from that time on John took her to his own. Jesus's followers were persecuted in Jerusalem as you can read in the acts of the apostles.
Steven was stoned in the year 37 AD
James was beheaded in the year 42 AD
You further can read how the world was divided between them for the preaching of the gospel. John was given Asia Minor. Mary was given to his care and with the persecution he probably took her with him to Asia Minor (Ephesus)

From the house of Mary ( the shrine which is build on the original foundation of the house) we went to the ruins of Ephesus.

It takes two and a half hours to walk through the ruins and it is quite a sight.

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Anja said...

I'd love to see Ephesus!