Thursday, September 29, 2011

Home but still blogging

We are home but still reflecting on our trip.

Also I wanted to put a little explanation on as to how to leave a comment, as several people have told me they are having a problem leaving a comment.

If you click on "comment" on any particular blog a page will come up where you can leave a comment. Before sending the comment click the "Name/URL " box below the comment you have just left.
A box will show up where your can leave your name.

Type in your name and click on "post comment"

I hope this helps for those who want to leave a comment.


Kaj Soltvedt said...

Hi Bill
Dont know if you remember me, met you with your boat in Florø in Norway. And your trip, gave me impuls for doing a trip from Norway and down too the canals in Europa, try too get too Spain. But we where too high for the bridge in France, and had to stop right after Nancy. Are now i Netherland.
Can se my blogg, mybe you remember me than..

Bill and Joanne said...

Hi Kaj.
tried to leave a comment on your blog but was unsuccessful (No commend of Norwegen)
I think you are the fellow who offered to crew if I needed people to take the boat back to Holland, Is this correct.

Kaj H. Soltvedt said...

yes, thats me. we are now in Netherland, looking after place for the boat for the winter. Have got some god harbours in both Germany and Netherland. I was just about 5 or 7 cm to high for those bridges in Messein south of Nancy. Wil leave the boat here in europ for the winther, and start up again early spring. Its an fantastic trip you have done too Tyrky