Saturday, September 17, 2011

Didim marina and Yachtworks

Didim Marina is a brand new marina. It opened in 2010 and has room for 580 boats in the water of which 41 can be over 30 meter.
We were told that you don't want to go there because there is no infrastructure and it is away from everywhere. Yes it is a couple of mile away from town, but for 1.75 Turkish lira ( aprox. .75 euro cents) you can hop on a shuttle bus which comes around every 10 or 15 minutes.  Further more the marina has on site a very large and beautiful swimming pool, a restaurant, a cafe, beach access, exercise facilities, a sauna, a steam room, hotel rooms, and a chandlery.  This super facility cost 70 million Euros to build. 

A super yacht is taking on some diesel fuel. This boat had to be over 150 feet long

An other large yacht from Malta is moored.

The larger boats have their own storage garages along the dock.

Le rȇve is moored with boats of it's own size, proudly displaying the solar panels.
They have worked 100%. We can now stay at anchor indefinitely and not worry about draining the batteries. 

The service in the marina is top notch. Right from the minute you enter the marina you are guided into and assisted with the lines by one of two pilot boats. These are 15 ft hard bottom inflatables with a 60 hp outboard. When you want to leave your dock for a cruise they again are there to give a helping hand.

And while you are docked all you have to do is call for the shuttle service on VHF 72 and VOILÁ  you are whisked away to where ever it is you want to go within the marina.

I introduced you a couple of postings ago to Yachtworks.

Let me introduce you to Can Sürekli.  Can and his partner Yosuf Civelekoǧlu started yachtworks about ten years ago. Can has been on board several times and addressed some of the regular maintenance issues as well as some additional work we wanted to get done. Can and his partners are both sailors and they " have been there, done that". I must say I am very impressed. We have had other very good and professional work done on the boat by different individuals but seldom do you find a company who can address every issue you could run into and have the in house expertise and facilities needed to get the job done. 

Le rêve is being lifted out of the water with on of the two travel lifts they have here.
This one is capable of lifting 70 ton Le rêve is ony 25 ton so not a problem.

This is the other one capable of lifting 400 ton.  The tires on it must be close to 10 feet tall if not taller.

Here is Can ( pronounced  "John")

and his technician

checking the main bearing.

First indication is that it is still OK. But Can wants to check the manufacturers specification to see if the movement (which is very minimal) is with in the acceptable limits.

 1000 square meter of under cover yardworks facility.
Just a over view of the yard area of Didim marina.

Square meter for hard standing of boats 45000

Total (cemented) square meter of yard 60000

Enough room for storing 600 boats out of the water.

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Bob and Vivian said...

Have been following your blog with great interest and have read all of your posts including your trans Atlantic voyage. We are Albertans who boat in the Pacific Northwest in the summers and are currently moored in Campbell River on Vancouver Island.
Your Danube trip sounded really fantastic and we are looking forward to hear about your time in the Med as well as your future plans.
Can you also please comment on marina costs for a boat your size.

Best wishes