Friday, June 17, 2011

St Goar

 Yesterday (June 18) we arrived in St Goar. The last stop before going through the "Loreley"  The narrowest and fastest flowing section of the Rhine. Legend has it that there is a beautiful maiden on the rocks singing to the sailors transiting this part of the Rhine. With her beauty she messmerizes the sailors and they end up crashing on the rocky shore this part of the Rhine is known for.
Hopefully we will be able to keep our eyes on the peeled for the nav. aids and not be distracted so we end up being a victim of the "Loreley maiden" 
We took the bus up the mountain to have a birds eye view of the Loreley. 

Three boats transiting one of the three bends of the Lorreley. the third boat is on the bottom of the picture and you can barely see him
 Here the long double boat on the top of the picture is waiting for the pleasure boat and an other boat coming down.
 You can tell by the prop wash that it takes a lot of power to go through this section of the Rhine.
A view down river from the top of the mountain. 

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Anja said...

Nice to enjoy the Rhine through your eyes