Monday, June 27, 2011


We arrived in Erlenbach yesterday. Erlenbach is just over 100 km up the Main which is about 1/3 of the way to Bamberg where we have to take the Main Danube canal . we came through 9 locks and have 25 more to go before reaching Bamberg.

We received a nice comment yesterday from "Anneke". Someone Joanne knew from Holland before immigrating to Canada. We would like to get in contact with her but she left no e-mail address or telephone number to contact her. So Anneke please send this to us on the blog. We have the choice to publish or not to publish so we will not publish your contact information to keep this Private.

Anneke stuur ons aub je e-mail address en of jou telephone nummer. Wij zullen deze niet publizeren voor priv—ź redenen.

Our internet connection here is not very good so it will take a long time to post pictures. Hopefully we have better connection at our next stop.

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Anneke Bruins Slot - Brink said...

Dag Joanne and Bill

Wat geweldig dat jullie gereageerd hebben!
Mijn adres:
Anneke Bruins Slot-Brink
Veeningerveldweg 1
7924 PB Veeningen
tel. nr: 0528 391616
mobiel 06 513 52 661
e mail

Hartelijke groeten en geniet van het mooie weer.