Friday, June 10, 2011

Solar panels installed

Well we are back on the boat!!! Above a couple of pictures from the solar panel installation.  6 panels of 100 watt each were installed and we see a charge of 5  to 6 amps flowing in our battery bank even at a total overcast day. When the sun is shining bright we see a charge of over 40 amps!!!
We can angle  the panels to the front or the back of the boat, or position them flat so they don't catch so much wind in stormy weather.
I will try and get some clearer pictures of the installation in the next few days when I have better internet access so you can have a better idea of how they are installed. 

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mwnskn said...

Hi Bill and Joanne! I'm sure i've said it before but you are living our dream and we are truly happy for you. We look forward to your posts and hope someday we can follow in your foot steps! Take care and keep living life to the fullest.