Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Stuck in the mud

Yesterday (March 5th) we found ourself stuck in the mud due to extreme low tide. We knew that the water in the marina (Paradise Preserve) was very low, but with very extreme spring tide, along with the fact that the wind blew the water out of the marina, we found ourself unable to move, and leaning to one side!!!

At high tide we still were in the mud, but managed to plow through it (something that would have been impossible with the Picobello) and find a little deeper spot in the marina. Tomorrow the tide is supposed to be a little higher, and we are moving on to deeper water!!! We hope to start our journey south along the west coast of Florida from Ft Myers to Key west with stops in Everglade city, and Little snake river. We have been told that this area is as much old Florida as you can get. We will see, and let you know providing we have e-mail coverage.

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