Sunday, March 18, 2007

Storm stayed

March 16th we had decided to get up early to make the run from Little Shark to key West.
When we looked out of the porthole at 05.30hr it was clear that we would not be going anywhere for a while. A severe thunderstorm was coming our way, and kept us on the hook until it had passed.
By 09.30hr the storm had subsided, however this did not leave us enough daylight hours to make it to Key West. Beside the lack of daylight the weather did not sound good for the rest of the day. We decided to alter our itinerary, and instead take the shorter route to Marathon on Vaca Key, as we could make this run in approx. 5 hours.
Upon arrival we called Bill and Joy Porter, people we met along the loop, and have a dockaminium ( a permanent slip that one can buy) here. After they joined us on our boat we went to dinner with them.
Today we will move on to Key west to await the arrival of Herman and Frea.

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