Friday, March 9, 2007

Bimini Basin

March 7th Paradise Preserved, around 17.00 hr (High tide) and traveled only about 8 nm to this nice anchorage with lots of water. It is located in the middle of the the city of Cape Coral.

A short dingy ride gets us to shore. From there we can walk to stores ans restaurants. Saturday morning there is a farmers market within walking distance that we will likely attend.

We will likely stay here till Monday morning and travel further south at that time. Week ends is crazy busy on the water, so we will stay put and let the locals have there time.

Joanne stumbled on the side walk, before we left, and scraped her elbow, knee, and chin. We are thankful it is only scrape wounds and nothing is broken. We meet all kinds of other loopers, both doing the loop and those who have done the loop. We just settled in to our anchorage and a dingy with two couples come up. They did the loop in 2003 and invited us to come to their condo located in the basin, so we will see if we can find them.

This afternoon an other couple is coming in the basin to visit. They did the loop in 2004 and we remember them from that.

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