Sunday, March 18, 2007

On route to the Everglades

March 14th we left to go to Everglade City. After inquiring from a local sea tow captain if the inside passage was doable in our boat, we chose to go this way. It took us through the north western edge of the everglades. Even though the everglades are made up of mostly mangroves it is a fascinating trip. You feel like you are in total wilderness surrounded by a abundance of bird life. Our first stop was in Russel pass where we anchored out for the night. We arrived in plenty of time to take the dingy in to Everglade City a 20 minute dingy ride. Had a coffee in the historical Everglade City Rod and Gun Club.

The next day we continued on to Little Shark river and again anchored out in amongst the mangroves. We had made contact the day before with two boats who were traveling together, Bob and Nancy on Rachel J, and Bill and Joy on Marilyn J. After we were about one hour on route Rachel J called us on the VHF to see what the sea conditions where. They decided to follow us and arrived in our anchorage about one and a half hour after we did. We again took the dingy down, and explored the little Shark River. We were not long returning to the mother ship, as one could easily get lost in the everglades without a hand held GPS which we did not have on the dingy. By the end of the day there were a total of 9 boats who all chose to use this anchorage as a stop over.
Bob and Nancy and Bill and Joy came over to our boat for a social hour after which we enjoyed a beautiful sun set.

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