Monday, September 14, 2015

From Korcula south

Sept. 11 we left Korcula. We picked an anchorage just north of Sipan. We made our first stop in Sipan after we left Srebrino (Dubrovnik)  were we visited with Christie and Andy on our way north 5 weeks ago.
This bay, Uvala Veliki Jakljan, was a real treat. first of all there was only one other sail boat anchored and a small cruiser tied up to a dock, so a nice privet anchorage.  On shore were several small buildings and a larger one which looked more like a hotel or restaurant. However all looked a little dilapidated  and deserted.  We noticed one man walking on the shore and watched him going into the small cruiser. Frea, Herman and Joanne wanted to go for a walk, so I brought them with the dingy to the dock where the small cruiser was docked.  We asked the man in the cruiser where the restaurant was. He told us there was no restaurant, but several miles further we could find one. We thanked him for his information and told him we would be able to find something to eat on the boat and did not need to go to the restaurant. As soon as the threesome went ashore and looked at what was obvious a war memorial the man came out of his cruiser to talk to them. There used to be a youth camp here, he explained, but during the war (1991/1992) it was taken over by soldiers and after the war it was abandoned and no one was using it anymore.
He said that he lived here on the boat with his wife for six months in the summer and moved to his house in Dubrovnik the rest of the year. He mentioned he had surgery and moved on the boat as this was his "sanatorium"  Indeed it looked like a peaceful place, fresh water, clean air, and plenty of fish to eat. He must have had a garden where he grew some vegetables as this was evidence in the "fish soup" he insisted they take with them to the boat. We bought some sea bass in Korcula in the morning before we left, which we fried up and had the soup as an appetizer. We had some of the fish soup but nobody asked for seconds!!!! However the kindness and generosity of this man really touched our hearts.
The next day we moved on and visited Dubrovnik again. It is an awesome city and a must visit when in the area, but it can not hold a candle to the previous  anchorage, and the visit with the old man.  

Before we left Korcula we indulged in some ice-cream.

 Our anchorage north of Sipan.

Joanne with the "soup"

What is that I see in there??? Fish heads.
Bonn appetite !!!

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