Friday, September 25, 2015


"Eclipse" is the name of this boat.
It is absolutely enormous. 168 meter (546 feet) long. 24 guest rooms, 2 heli pads, 2 swimming pools, several hot tubs, lots of water toys, including a mini submarine. And all this needs a crew of 60 people to keep things going.
The owner, Roman Abramovich a Russian business tycoon and a major share holder in the largest oil company in Russia (fifth largest in the world)  also owner of Chelsea soccer club.
At the time of delivery it was the largest privet yacht in the world. However he recently was bumped from that position as there now is one a few feet bigger. 
The "Eclipse" was anchored in the bay off Cavtat when we left Croatia and we just had to have a cruise around it for a better look before moving on.

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