Saturday, July 18, 2015

On the boat

We have returned to the boat, and have been boating for 1 week today Sat. July 18th We left Preveza last Sat. and went to Paxos where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner in our favorite restaurant. The next day we moved on to Corfu and stayed there for two nights. We cleared out of Greece in Corfy, and sailed to Saranda Albania where we checked in. Stayed in Albania and toured the area around Saranda and the next day set sail for Durres Albania. This was a 13 1/2 hour trip. The next day we cleared out of Albania and moved to Montenegro. This also was a long trip (10 1/2 hr) we are now in Montenegro and will stay here for the next 5 or 6 days. It is quite a contrast to Albania very nice here but WARM!! no HOT!!! up to 35 degrees Internet is not very strong where we are so I will try to post a picture after this post, don,t know if it will work (more to come later)

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