Thursday, July 30, 2015

Leaving Montenegro

 Friday 24th of July and we are ready to leave Montenegro.
Small problem. We were docked in the marina in Herceg Novi. (the first town you get to when you come in from the Adriatic) Thencustoms, and port police are in the next town over (approx. 7 5 min. by dingy) So the plan was to stay tied up in the marina and I took the dingy over to get the paper work done. However the custom,s and port police did not like this and we had to come with Le reve, do the paper work, and leave right away. So that is what we did.
On our way out we sailed close by this old abandoned submarine docking place hidden in the mountain. We saw this coming in and wanted to have a better look, perhaps tie up and wonder around, but with the mix up with the police we thought we better just sail right on by.

On our way out of the bay of Kotor is a peninsula on our right with a fortification on it. This is actually the most southern border of Croatia.
The peninsula is a disputed area, as Montenegro believes it should belong to them.
Will there someday be an other war over this dispute!?!?

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