Monday, August 8, 2011

A week in Belgrade

 We watched these fisherman go by our boat every morning and evening.

They are using a "Gill" net about 5 to 6 feet square and jig it up and down in about 45 feet of water in the hopes that a fish will swim into the net.

By the looks of the fellow in the second picture they have pretty good success as he has a net full of fish.

We have been looking for warm weather.
Well guess what!!!! it is 37 deg as you can tell by the thermometer.

By the way this is in the back of the cockpit IN THE SHADE!!!!
What do you do when it is that warm!?!?
One thing is to get the dingy on the dock and, lift up the one side with the davit and work under the dingy in the shade.

By the way I discovered this new cleaning product which is unbelievable!!!! For all you boat owners out there it is a Italian made product called "Ma-Fra" and they have some for hull, inflatables, fenders, and seats.  It really is unbelievable!!! And 90 % biodegradable.

Joanne wanted me to add this picture!?!?

Bill was so excited about his new cleaning products he had to show the police how good it really was. He had just been up for a short time, as you can tell he had not even got dressed yet!!!!

The two police were doing a routine check because the night before we had a storm.
The lady police spoke English quite well and we found out she was born in Canada but went back to Serbia with her parents when she was 3 years old.

Different people have asked if we are on track with our trip.  Here is a little of where we have come from and where we plan to go.
We are in Belgrade Serbia and have come a total of 1800 km so far. We transited 66 locks which was time consuming. Tomorrow we will fly to Germany far a week to visit Christie, Andy, and Bo. Hopefully the German air traffic controllers will not go ahead with their threatened strike for tomorrow morning. once we get back on the 16th we will leave the next day and have 870 km left to go on the Danube and than 65 km on the canal that is a short cut to the Black sea. We still have 2 locks on the Danube and two on the Danube Black sea canal.  One of the two on the Danube is called the " Iron Gates" and lets us down 35 meters. This area of the Danube is supposed to be quite spectacular so we look forward to go through that. It also has many shallow spots so lets hope it does not get to dry in the next couple of weeks.
Once on the Black sea we will cross it in one stretch to Istanbul ( 350 km) than we have to cross the sea of Marmaris (275 km) and than we plan to go 360 km south in the Aegean sea to Kusadasi Turkey where we plan to leave the boat.  So all together we still have just over 1900 km to go.

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