Thursday, August 18, 2011

Docked in Donji Milanovac

Once we reached Donji Milanovac we are lucky and can tie up to the barge that serves as the town dock. often the cruise boats use this and we would not be able to tie up here but we were informed that there would be no cruise boats stopping today.

Once we were docked we called "Goran" the only taxi driver in town who spoke English.  We had heard about Goran from a Swedish couple we had met in Belgrade.
  Goran drove us around to see the surrounding country side and what a wonderful tour we had.

 Our first stop.

A farmer and his wife collecting the hay that was dry and ready to be stored for winter use.
 At our second stop we met someone who just bought a piggy and he was taking him home on his scooter.
If you look close you can see the piggy's nose sticking out of the bag.
Goran took us to a friend of his "Dragoslov" who had just fired up the still and was making the local drink "Rakija" which is made from plumbs. And if you want a buzz this stuff REALLY works and you don't need to much either!!!!

 Harold is bold and samples the finished product.
 Next we tour Dragoslov's 10 hectare farm and see his cow who had twin's 
 Dragoslov also had some pigs.
 And he explained to us how they make "charcoal"  in this brick build  oven.
To finish off the tour Goran took us to his home where we met his wife "Bilgaana" who served refreshments and coffee on their veranda.
What a tour we had. THANK YOU GORAN!!!!!


TAXI GORAN said...

Dear Bill and Joanne,
for me as a taxi driver it was pleasure to meet all of You.i can say that You didnt give me enough time to show You everythig in this beautiful town in east Serbia.Hope We will see again.
Besr wishes,
Goran Jovanovic
phone 00381637810874
p.c special greetings from me wife Biljana jovanovic

TAXI GORAN said...

Dear Bill and Joanne,
it was my pleasure to met all of You.
It was not enough time to show You all beauties of my town in east part of Serbia.Hope it will be once.
Best wishes from Goran and Biljana Jovanovic

Goran Jovanovic
Taxi phone 00381637810874