Sunday, August 28, 2011

Checking into Romania

We checked into Romania in Cernavoda. This is also where we left the Danube and entered the "Danube Black Sea Canal" which is 64 km long with a lock on both ends.  We were at the canal ready to go through the first lock at 15.00 hr but could not lock through till the next morning 07.00 hr. So we anchored out and had a nice swim.

The monument on the left is approximately half way along the 64 km long canal.
It is to commemorate the building of the canal by the communist regime in power in Romania at that time.

The Canal was notorious as the site of labor camps in 1950s Communist Romania when, at any given time, several tens of thousands political prisoners worked on its excavation. The total number of people used as a workforce for the entire period is unknown, as is the number of people who died in the construction. Work was completed in 1984-1987, more than three decades after camps were disestablished.

It is not visible from this angle but part of the bottom of the monument was missing. We were told later the Gypsies had stolen some of the panels.

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