Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still in Zwolle

We are having such a good time in Zwolle, that we seem to be stuck there!!!

It is nice to have people spontaneously drop by to say "hello". The other day someone knocked on the side of the boat, and asked if I recognized him. I told him "sorry" but no I do not recognize you. As it turned out, he used to come over with his parents when they came to visit my parents. We were just small boys at the time, and played together. He learned from the news paper article that we were docked in Zwolle, and when a bike outing with his wifes family( the Schutte Fam.) took him right past where we were docked they came by to say hello. We invited them for coffee and all ten of them came on board and had their morning coffee on the back of the boat. We had a real nice visit with them.
Thanks for coming by to say hello!

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Anonymous said...

Hoi Bill,
Hoe gaat het ermee, goede boottocht gehad? Ik hoorde dat je met de boot door de sluis van Eefde wilt varen, lijkt mijn leuk om te zien. We wonen bij de sluis dus als je er bent nodig ik jullie graag uit voor een kop koffie.
Groeten Herbert van Zeijts