Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New grand daughter

Yesterday we became grandparents for the ninth time!!!

Victoria Anastasia (Tori) decided that nearly 8 months in the womb was plenty enough time for her to be in there!!! So she decided to kick a hole in the amniotic sack (must have been her as her Mother did nothing strenuous to cause this to happen so she tells us!!) and start the process of birth. Anyway after she ( Tori) decided "time to come out" she must have gotten a bit gun shy to face the world as nothing else happened. The doctors ( four days later) decided to give her a helping hand and give mom something to start the process. As a result on Monday Aug 18th just before 6.00 o,clock pm Little Victoria Anastasia was born.
She weighs in at just under 6 LBS but looks pretty good for a premature baby we think!!!

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Anonymous said...

Bill & Joanne, Congratulations on the birth of your new grand daughter! All the best from Bill & Sandra Baird