Friday, August 1, 2008

Some more pictures

Four loaves and three fishes!!!

Lekker bekjes that is.

even on the boat we have to do laundry sometime

Yesterday we went from Zwartsluis to Hasselt, and stayed there for the night. This morning we went back to Zwartsluis and checked out the new battery charger. Something wrong with the battery charger as it does nothing after connecting it to the electricity. So Monday Mastervolt ( the supplier) will have a new one here. At least all the wires are hooked up, and it will not take long to install the replacement. Hopefully it will work, and we will not have to run the generator anymore to charge the batteries.


Anja said...

Hi Bill & Joanne
We look often at the blog. Thanks for making it so interesting for us.
Anja Noordam

Bodo said...

Hi Bill& Joanne, Harro Kohlmetz ( Eugens brother) told me, that when you go to Norway he had inveted you to a short visit in Hamburg. If you find the time to come to Hamburg, Harro and I will be your town guide in Hamburg. If you have some question you can call my here the phone number 01701131798
best regards Bodo