Friday, October 15, 2010

Cochem on our way back

As we approach Cochem the sun was in the right position to capture the castle on the hill, the  "Reichsburg" castle.

We walked around in Cochem for a bit, and then got our bikes down and went to the little village "Valwig"which we passed just before getting to Cochem.

It is nice to browse around in the bigger touristic places like Cochem however we actually prefer the smaller quieter villages.

A view of Cochem from the bridge

Shopping street in Cochem
 After we left Cochem we kept on going all the way to where the Mosel meets the Rhine.
We were surprised to see the water level in the  Rhine as low as it was. We wanted to stop and say high to our friends in Koblenz, the Eckstein's  ( glass in lead) however with the water level in the Rhine as low as it was we could not get into the marine where they keep their boat.  We approached the marine but soon found our self stuck in the mud, and we had to back out. So we went to Neuwied (where we had stayed on the way up) and stayed for the night. Even though the water level had receded (between 11/2 and 2 meter) we still were able to make real good time going down stream. Some where between 10 and 11 kns. (about 20 km/hr)

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