Saturday, October 4, 2014

Albania from Saranda to Orikum

A distance of just over 100 km but it takes over three hours to drive.

The road follows the coast line of the Ionian sea and there is not a strait piece in the road. Also we had to cross mount Cika with the highest peak being just over 2000 meter above sea level. 

Needless to say much of Albania's landscape is rough and rugged. There are approx. 20 mountains  higher than mount Cika.

A view of mount Cika and the road to the top.

A view from part way up the mountain of the Ionian sea.

On our way we see a variety of livestock freely roaming the road.

Here a "juvenile" piggy on the side of the road.
Mommy does not like it at all and crosses the road to go and get him/her

Here a couple of donkeys, unconcerned crossing the road.

A view of "Dhermi Beach" in the distance from a side road cafe. 

This is a "large" herd of at least 12 cows and some calfs.

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