Saturday, August 24, 2013

Leaving Turkey

 Friday afternoon Can  (the owner from Yacht works who serviced the boat ) came on board with two of his technician for a test drive to make sure that all the systems on board worked the way they should.  The test drive went very well and I believe Le reve is ready to take us further into the med.
We got the paper work done for checking out and thought we were good to go. However Yacht works send two of their men to the boat around 16.00 hour. We had no idea what they wanted as the language barrier did not allow this. Soon we realized they were there to polish all the stainless steel on the boat before they would let us go. They were there till after 19.00 hr before they were satisfied that the shine on the stainless measured up to the quality Yacht works has come to be known for.
So we stayed in Didim for one more night and set sail just after 08.00 hr on Saturday morning. Destination Patmos Greece.

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