Monday, September 29, 2008

Last minute preparation

The final items to take care of before closing this part of the "great ride" is getting the smudges off Le reve before retiring her for the winter months.
Joanne is getting pretty daring, and going out on a small (very small) ledge, don't you think!?!?

It was great to cruise in Holland, especially to be able to come close to the places where both Joanne, and I were born. We cruised by the "Beilervaart" which is close to where Joanne spent her first years, and the "Dieksloot" where I actually launched my first boat (if you can call it a boat) that I build myself.
Who would have ever thought we would be able to experience, and enjoy our birth place from the water, after being gone for 53 years (Joanne) and 43 years (Bill)

All together we cruised close to 100 hours and traveled between 800 to 1000 km.

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Hendriekske en Henk said...

Bill and Joanne.
It is so regrettably..., we will miss the stories about your experiences in Holland.
We look forward to next year when you will be back in Europe for another trip!