Friday, May 9, 2008

Sait drive as seen from the front

As you can see there will be very little drag when the propeller is in the "folded" position due to its stream lined shape.

Very important when you need to get every possible mile out of a gallon of Diesel. (Not many filling stations in the middle of the Atlantic)


Bill Baird said...

Hello Bill and crew of "le Reve". Best wishes for your upcoming journey! Thanks once again Bill for your invitation to join you on this trip of a lifetime. Unfortunately, circumstances dictated otherwise. Again, best of luck and smooth sailing!

Bill Baird

Anonymous said...

Bill and crew,
First of all my wishes of good winds and calm seas in all the trip to the Med!
I´m building a 45ft custom trawler and i´m very interested in more details about your wing engine/get home engine.
What kind/brand of engine is this?horsepower?expected boat speed using this engine?consumption?

Any other relevant detail/
If possible email me at
Thank you very much for your help and safe trip to all of you.