Sunday, April 20, 2008

four of the five crew

On April 3de three of the four crew members who are coming across the Atlantic went to the boat to discuss various aspects, and systems that needed to be done on the boat before the crossing.

I have commitments from four people who will join me as crew members for the crossing.
The three in the picture are
Bottom row from right to left Bob Fisher, Mike Lankes, Standing from right to left Eugene Kohlmets, and yours truly. Missing is Clyde Honeycutt.

All men are avid boaters with a great deal of experience. I could not be happier with the crew, and I know that we all will have an experience of a life time that we are looking forward to with much anticipation. We all understand that a lot of planning goes into something of this nature, and that we can not leave anything to chance. A lot of thought and work has gone into this project already, and there still are still many more things to do before we can shove off. Even though a lot still has to be done, it looks like we will meet our dead line of leaving Brewerton NY on or about the 15th of May. and prepare for a crossing starting sometime during the first week of June.

As things develop, I will keep you updated on this blog as much as possible, so many who have asked will be able to join us on this journey via this site. To all who have asked I appreciate your interest, and excitement for this once in a lifetime experience.

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EvelynJ said...

WOW! An Atlantic crossing...will there be any buddy boats? JoAnne going? Try to feed us more info! carol of Evelyn J