Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back on the boat.

On Tuesday May 13 we headed back to the boat. left at 0720 hr, and arrived in Annapolis at 18.30 hr. The transmission was not back from the factory yet. (it had a bad seal in the rear of the transmission that had to be replaced) It is quite a job replacing the seal, as the entire transmission has to come out of the boat.
It came back from Twin Disk ( the manufacturer) and Annapolis boat yard started to install it right away. By Thursday noon, the transmission was back in place.
Mike Kelley ( the fellow who installed the navigation equipment) was also here to check out some issues we had with some of the navigation equipment. Mike was ready to sea trial his part of the repair, and by 1400 hr we set out to do the trials. The navigational equipment worked fine, but the unfortunate part was that the transmission was still leaking. It is a very slow leak, and we will not be held to the dock because of this. It will be attended to sometime after this years boating season.

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