Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our condo in Florida

Through other loopers, we learned about this condo that was for rent. It is very nice, and close to where Le rêve is being commissioned, so it is not only a nice place, but also very convenient.

Re Le rêve: What does it mean and why did we pick it.
For the longest time we did not know what to call our new boat, and various names came to mind but none that grabbed us.
When we where in Holland last fall, and attended a family reunion from Joanne's father side, one of Joanne's cousin told us the suspected origin of the name of the farm where Joanne's Dad was born and grew up.
The farm name is called "t' Reve" which is believed to be derived from the French word
"Le rêve" meaning "the dream" The family roots are traced back to the Huguenots and when they moved North from France in the 1700 one certain family settled in this place in Holland, and called the home stead Le rêve It was their dream to be free from persecution , and farm undisturbed. When we heard this we looked at each other, and we had the same thoughts, this is what the name for our new boat should be.
Is this Huguenot story authentic, and accurate??? ( all due respect for Joanne's cousin) we don't know. However we thought it to be a nice fit for the name of our boat, as we to have a dream.
So.... now you know what the name means, and how we came to choose it.

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