Monday, August 30, 2010


Our destination today "Oberwinter"

We saw our first "vineyards" and "castles" on the hills.

We are only a short distance from where the "Mosel" flows into the Rhine. I understand there are many vineyards along the Mosel. And the whine feast's are starting just as we get there!!!!

Some "Rhine" scenes

The country side is changing past Köln. A welcome site after all the industry in the Rhine valley.

The large sign with the number "659" is NOT how many people attend, it is the KM marker found all the way along the Rhine. It tells you that you are at mile number 659 from where the Rhine starts.

Above are some pretty scenes along the Rhine.

More industry

We wondered where all the container vessels that passed us were going!?!???

Now we know!!!

Green Germany

I mentioned before about Germany being so "green" conscious.

Here is an example of it!!!

I am not sure if it has to do with the refinery (it is right next to it) but it obviously is a large cement storage of some kind and it is covered with earth, and has grass growing on it.

German Industry

Near "Urfelt" we came by an area where there was a large oil refinery. At least we think it is an oil refinery. Many oil tankers anchored off the side of the Rhine waiting to be unloaded.

Köln Cathedral

We were going to visit the cathedral with Christie, Andy and Bo, however it started to rain, and Andy took us back to the boat and they went on their way home. When the weather cleared up we walked back to the cathedral and had a look inside. It is a magnificent building, and the biggest cathedral in Germany.
It has rained a lot here, as a matter of fact it is the wettest Aug. in Germany (and all around in neighboring countries) since the start of weather recording. So guess what.... we got soaking wet walking back to the boat.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

From Dusseldorf to Köln

I loooove Oma!!!

Bath time on the boat

Saturday, August 28, 2010

We often wondered what freight boating families did to entertain their kids on board.

Well here is one way.

Cargo of cars

Germany is a big exporter of cars and here a boat load is ready to go.

One lonely duck.

Bo is fascinated with his new found "feathery" friend.

Bo seems to be right at home on the boat....

It is not long before he takes over the captain's place.

Special visitors

We are ready to leave Duisburg, and Christie and Bo are coming along for a few days.

The now "green" ruhr gebiet.

The "Rhine valley" the heart of the industrial area that made Germany what it is. With that comes a lot of pollution, however this was realized and cleanup efforts have paid off.
A lot of attention has been given to clean up the pollution and "green" areas are established everywhere.

This picture is of the Duisburg area (the heart of the industrial area) and shows how "green" it is.

Touring the Ruhr gebiet (Rhine valley)

The best way to tour the area is with a guide who grew up and lived in the area most of his life, Andy....

And he can suggest the best beer...... a Franziskaner.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Duisburg Marina enterance

The channel that leads to the Duisburg marina.

Everything that could be taken down had to be lowered in order to make it under the bridge and get into the marina.

Relaxing on board, and on shore

Lots of water

Even though it is nothing as compared to Eastern Germany, the south also has had a lot of rain, and the Rhine is higher by about 1 meter as compared to normal levels for this time of the year.

You can see by the flow around the markers that the current is significant.

Our SOG (speed over the ground) is sometime down to 3 kt (without a current we would do 7 kt at the same RPM.

We are told this will get worse as we get past Koblenz!!! We will have to wait and see!!!

Entering the Waal.

As soon as the Rhine flows across the border into Holland, it is called the Waal. Even though we experienced a strong current, we were surprised that it was not more than it was. This due to the fact that the river here is so much wider than the IJssel, and the pannard canal (the bodies of water we navigated before getting into the Rhine).

However we experienced much more traffic, and also the current increase was significant where the Rhine narrowed.


Jerry is just finished paying the "bridge toll" the traditional way. (Wooden shoe and fishing poll)

Joanne is getting a lesson in "knitting"

The busy "Friesche meren" Northern Holland

On our way to the Rhine we passed through the"friesland lakes" and it is obvious that it is Holiday time in Holland!!

Leaving the low country

One last glance at a very familiar sight while traveling through "Friesland" Holland.
Looking at this picture makes me wonder how many times they have to fish a cow out of the water!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Arrived in Germany

To all our faithful followers, WE HAVE ARRIVED IN GERMANY!! Did not download any pictures yet, but hope to soon. The Rhine is flowing fast and furious!!! They have had a lot of rain in Germany, and the result is that the Rhine is 1 1/2 to 2 meter above normal for this time of the year. We are in Wesel at the moment, and tomorrow we will go up to Duisburg.
Wesel is about 1/2 hr north of where Christie and Andy live, and Duisburg about as far south of them.
We will be staying in Duisburg for a few days, so I hope that the water has receded some what by the time we are ready to move further up the Rhine.
I hope to have some pictures within the next few days, so stay tuned!!!