Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back at our "Home away from home port"

We arrived back in Leeuwarden, and it is time to take "Le rêve" out of the water to do a bottom inspection.

This time the equipment of the Hemrik marina is able to take Le reve out of the water, and up the ramp all the way.

Even after being in the water the bottom paint looks pretty good.

But we applied a couple of fresh coats, and she should be "good to go " for another three years.

Le rêve at rest on the "hard" in Leeuwarden.

And so ends our 2010 spring trip of the "Low land"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dinner guests

The Captain and his crew from "Altijd warber" (Always busy) was over on Le reve (the dream) for dinner

Docked in "Sneek"

Docked in "Sneek" behind a familiar boat.

Lemmer and beyond

After passing through the lock and the city of "Lemmer" we continued on through the Provence of "Friesland"

Friesland and it's beautiful rural setting

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On route to Lemmer

We continued on the IJssel, and crossed over the IJsselmeer once more to go to Lemmer
One the way we left Urk at our starboard side.

Fam. visit

In Kampen we took the bike to IJselmuiden and visited my uncle, my Dad's youngest brother, and the only surviving member of that generation.

On the way to Kampen

We left Zwolle, and on the banks of the IJssel were my cousin Dina with her husband Jan, and their friends Wim and Toni.
They came to visit once we were moored, and the next day we were invited for lunch.
It was so good we did not eat again all day!!!

Spring is all around

On the banks of the creek we crossed was a "KOET" (some kind of a water chicken) who had just become the proud mama of 7 little ones.
We were told they had just hatched less than 24 hours ago, and they were the cutest little fluff balls you ever did see!!!

Biking around Zwolle

In Zwolle we went for a long bike ride. From Zwolle to Hasselt, and back a mere (32 km!!!) and we had to cross the "voet veer" (walk on ferry)
The operator had to come across the stream to come and get us

Joanne paid the fare ( a mere sixty cents) and we were transported across.

The ferry was propelled by the operator pulling on a cable attached to both sides of the bank.
Later we were told the operator is a professor who does this as a hobby.

Meeting Ken

Two Canadian boaters and their boats in front of the "magischbolwerk" in Zwolle.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


All good things must come to an end!!! So it is with the visit of Johan and Riek, as they peddle back to Dalfsen on their bikes.

Along the IJssel to Deventer

After leaving our anchorage we docked in Deventer for a visit of the city and cousin Betty. Betty is a wealth of information related to family.
Thank you Betty!!!! also for "my own birth announcement" which was part of, and retrieved from the archives.
Does that make me sound old??


Various shots of a beautiful sun set as seen from the "Gorsselse Zand Gat" where we anchored out for the night.

Hollandse nieuwe

One other delicacy to sample when in Holland is "herring" and you must eat it as the locals!!!

Gerda and Piet

We visited with cousins (Henk and Hendriekske, and Tiem and Riet) Sorry no picture, but we enjoyed the visit.
Also we had a very nice visit and a nice time with Gerda and Piet

exploring Zutphen

Zutphen is an old trading center (Hanzestad) and has many old buildings such as this partially remaining old city wall.

We also took the opportunity to get our internet messages. However the sun was too bright to see the screen, so Johan had to provide some shade.

Last but not least we visited Joanne's only Aunt still alive.
At 88 she is still great company and enjoys a visit.


Approaching Zutphen

We docked in the quaint little harbor close to the city center.
A view of the river IJssel


You can not visit Holland without going to a "pannekoeken" restaurant (pancake house)and sample their pancakes.
So we stopped and did just that!!!
Yummy Yummy!!!!!!!!!

Getting our exercize

Unloading the bikes!!

Even though the temperature is not as high as we would have liked we set out on a bike ride to the "Veluwe"
and stop at the "pos-bank" for a coffee and a visit to the lookout point.


Entering the Yacht harbor of Rheden

We noticed a Canadian flag on one of the floating homes.
Upon further investigation we learned that the harbor master Mr Kramer, was living there.
Why the Canadian flag???? They have a daughter living in Toronto, and frequently visit Canada,
We received a warm welcome!!


From Tiel we went to Wageningen. The rout took us further up the Waal to the Amsterdam-Rijn canal. We took the Amsterdam-Rijn canal to the Neder-Rijn, and went upstream to Wageningen.
The current in the Neder-Rijn is much less than in the Waal.
We docked in the rain and and Dirk and Allie were picked up to be driven back to their car in Tiel.

Not many pictures of this stretch as it was a dreary and rainy day.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The big rivers

In "Tiel" we took on some passengers

We continued traveling up stream on the Maas. This was not a problem as the Maas meanders slowly up from Belgium in to and through Holland.
From the Maas we took the Canal from St Andries, to the Waal. The Waal is actually the extension from the Rhein in Germany, and is a fast flowing river with lots of traffic. We docked in Tiel.

We continued to travel up river to the "Amsterdam Rijn" Canal. and took it to where it intersects with the "Neder-rijn"

We traveled several of the big rivers in Holland now, and find the Maas the prettiest of them all.

Who says cows don't have a good life!!! These ladies have their own private beach!!!


After the "Biesbosch" we kept going up the Maas.
to the left is a picture of the suspension bridge over the Maas just before Heusden.

"Heusden" was our first stop on the Maas, and not a strange place for us.

In 2006 when we were in Holland we sea trialed an "Elling". On the way back from the sea trial the owner of the Elling factory took us to this unique small fortified town for lunch. The Elling fitted under the bridge, and we docked right in the inner harbor. Le rêve could not make it through the narrow opening, or under the low bridge.

Does this look familiar Mike and Carol?!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cattle country

Traveling up the Maas.

A total different area than Zeeland.

Cattle and sheep as opposed to cash crop and fishing.