Monday, July 27, 2009

Back at the "Hemrik" in Leeuwarden

Back in front of the marina getting ready to put Le rêve to rest until our next adventure.

For those who followed the Lerevereport, we hope you have enjoyed the site as much as we have enjoyed putting it on.

Until the next time................

Back in the "flat country"

Back in Holland as you can tell, No mountains, and fjords!!!!!!!!

The last bridge before the entrance to the marina was closed for the night, so we docked along the canal's bank in this peaceful setting.

On the high sea's

A decision was made to take Le rêve back to the covered storage in Holland.
So we made the trip from Bergen Norway to Leeuwarden the Netherlands during our last week of the holidays.
We left Sunday evening 18.00 hr, and after making a pit stop in Denmark we cruised in to Dutch waters on Thursday afternoon around 1500 hrs.

Taking turns on watch!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back in Bergen

Back in Bergen we did the "tourist" thing and went on a train ride to see the city.
Bergen is a very interesting place with the "Bryggen" area being the most interesting. This area build in 1700 is chosen by UNESCO. as a world heritage site. The buildings are leaning every which way. They have a very unique way to keep them standing. They are in the process of restoring them. This will cost millions of dollars.

Later today we will leave Bergen and start on the north sea crossing which will take about 70 hours. The weather looks reasonable and we will make a pit stop in Denmark.

From Maloy to Bergen

On our way to Bergen. We had a beautiful day with nice scenery.


In Maloy we had a very nice surprise. A fellow trawler lover from Norway we got to know on our way north came for a visit and showed us around Maloy, and took us to his house for a drink.
We have found all Norwegians very friendly, but this couple was the exception with their friendlyness, and hospitality.

Thank you, thank you

Back to Bergen

We have gone as far north as we had planned, and now we turned around and have started on our way back to Bergen.

We left early in the morning ( before 06.00) and made it all the way to Maloy. Just over 100 nm. The scenery early in the morning was beautiful with the clouds wrapped around the mountain.

On the way we met the "Hurtigrutten" the cruise and ferry line we cruised with way up north.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Up the mountain

We rented a car for a day, and toured the area around Geiranger. Again the sights were spectacular. Lots of snow, and waterfalls everywhere.

Again we are amazed of all the vegetation and wild flowers there are, often right next to the snow.


Geiranger as seen from over 1500 m above sea level.


On our way to Geiranger. It is a little hazy but the sights are beautiful. Remnants of old farm steads way up in the mountains on the edge of steep cliffs. It is said that people had to tie their children to a bolder to prevent them from falling off the cliff.


The town of Alesund was destroyed by fire in 1904, and totally rebuild in a nouveau art style therefore giving it a different look than any other town in Norway.
We got there just after a large festival and because of that it was still very busy.


We stayed in Floro for two nights to wait till the wind died down a bit. At "Statslande" we have to go out in the open ocean on our way north to Alesund, and they claim this can be the most dangerous spot on the west coast of Norway.
As you can see by the photo below, clouds formed and even though they give a dramatic effect they also brought with them some stormy weather.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vadheim to Floro

Sod covered roofs, even on newer cottages.

Rugged coast line of Norway.

This is between Sognefjorden and Floro

Friday, July 10, 2009


We spent the first night with our new
guests at this dock near Vadheim. It was a lovely remote spot.

Our guests, Herman and Frea enjoying themselves in the sun on the
front deck.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hard at work

Norway has lots of water, and lots of boats.

Boats need attention, and in Norway they teach them that at a very young age!!!

This was the son of the owner of the marina we stayed at, and he was an adorable little fellow.

And a real going concern.!!!!!

A visit from Joannes cousin.

Wim and Anje Koeslag were camping in Flam, and came to visit, and we in turn enjoyed a coffee at their camp site.


The rose must be one of the favorite flower in Norway, as you see lots of them and they are beautiful!!!

We stayed in Flam for 10 days relaxed, and enjoyed the scenery.

Had to share the dock with the big cruise ships. every day there were a couple of different ships in port.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Signs of spring

Even at this altitude you see signs of spring bursting forth soon after the snow melts.

On top of the mountain

1800 meter above sea level!!!

and the snow is 7 to 8 ft deep in places.

On the way up

One of many water falls.

No matter where you are in the mountain you hear the rushing of water.