Friday, June 26, 2009

Faerfjord a side arm from sognefjord

We docked in Fjaerland at the end of fjaerfjord. and biked to a glacier.



At over 100 nm long it is the largest fjord in the world.

Mountains reach a height of over 4000 ft, and the bottom is as far below the keel of the boat!!

An amazing sight!!!

From Bergen to Sognefjord

Some shots along the way.!!!

Monster boat

Before we left Bergen, we had to make a picture of this "monster boat"

The boat is registered in England, but we were told the owner is Russian.

I measured the length it is 450 ft overall and must have a 60 ft + beam.

It reminds me of something from star wars!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Foresand to Bergen

Entering Bergen. One of the forth largest cities in Norway.

On our way Gordon is trying his luck with the fishing rod.

Shucks!!! had to go to the market to have dinner!!!

One of the 11 families introduced us to freshly picked Norwegian scallops, Jummmm

Before leaving the Lysafjord we stop at the entrance and have dinner at the dock. There is a group of 11 families having a BBQ, and they don't mind sharing the fire.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The "base jumpers"

One last look from the top before we take the helicopter down.

( No we did not jump!!!)

Lots of snow on top of the mountain.

At the base all the jumpers prepare to go back up and do it all over again.

Fly like an eagle!!!!

Some have a "bird man suite". With a suite like this you stay in the air 2 1/2 times longer. Not every one wears a suite like this.

The cliffs are over 3000 ft high and some of the best for this sport so they tell us.


Getting ready to jump!!!

On top of the world.

Docked in Lysebotn


A side trip to Lysefjord!!!

We have to go a bit out of our way, but the rewards were worth it.

On our way we saw this oil drilling platform pulled into place with four tugs.

Just to get a perception of the size of this outfit, the tug to the right on the picture is 146 ft long!!!

After a rough crossing around the bottom of Norway we made it to Tananger (just below Stavanger) after a 12 hour cruise.

Ann and Gordon met us there to continue on further north.


Mandal may be the furthest town south in Norway, but Lindesnes is the furthest harbor and land mass south.

It was nice walking around in Lindesnes, our last stop before rounding the bottom of Norway.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Three days after we left Oslo we were in "Mandel" the most southern town in Norway. Here we have to stay put till we get a good weather window to go around the notorious Lindesnes stretch. Lindesnes is the most southerly point of Norway and if you don't get a good weather window it can be very rough as we found out today just before arriving in Mandel. The seas were not friendly to us to say the least!!!!

However Mandel is a pretty place and not at all a bad place to get held up.

We took the bikes down and went for a nice ride.

Luckily we will get a good weather window soon. Wednesday we hope to make the trip around the bottom, and end up in Stavanger.


Just after we arrived in Kristiansand this sail boat came in.
Remember I mentioned before about the strange way they dock in all of Scandinavia?
Well this is a good example, only most people dock bow first. You catch a mooring out from the dock, and tie up the bow ( in this case the stern) to the dock. This is almost impossible to do with the two of us, as you can imagine.
This boat had four people on board and I had to help them accomplish this task. Lucky for us it is early in the season, and it is not busy so we have managed up to now to dock along side as we are used to.

Before we moved to Kristiansand we took a hike around the island and enjoyed the scenery.


We stopped at the "sail makers jetty" recommended by the Oslo marine owner.

Our first stop is Lingor. A small, mostly holiday community. 60 in winter, and 1000 + in summer

Other times we go through a protected channel and see literally thousands of islands.

As we move south we sometime travel in open water

Heading south from Oslo

It was a gray and misty day as you can see by this picture.

We met this peculiar looking object. When we got closer we realized it was a submarine. Turned out to be a Dutch sub on route to Oslo to participate in a European marine exercise.

On the 12th of June we start heading south to go around the bottom of Norway and head up the west coast.

Just before we left Oslo we saw this house floating past, and thought it was worth capturing on film.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More scenery.


click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The "Hurtigruten"

Drying fish out in the open on wooden racks.

Entering a small fishing village.

The scenery is beyond words, and these pictures sure don't do it justice.

The "Nordkap" one of the many ships of the "hurtigruten" line and the one we boarded for a couple of days.

We traveled from Bodo to Tromso.