Saturday, March 28, 2009

Installing the hot water tubes

Jacob, an other fine Dutch technician installing the hot water lines that feed the radiators.

Thee guest stateroom with a hole cut into the side of the closet where the radiator will be placed.

This shows a picture of the bench seat in the saloon with cushions removed.

A large hole was cut in the side so the duct can be build around the radiator.

What a shame to cut a new boat apart!!!.

Not to worry though, Simon the carpenter is doing a fine job finishing everything so you would think the heating system was always part of the boat.

Getting ready

Last week was spent on the boat to help with the installation of our heating system. It is a small boiler that will feed radiators placed in each room on the boat. The saloon even has two radiators, one under each window. To place these radiators is no small feat!! Holes have to be cut, and ducts created to direct the flow of air in the best way possible.