Thursday, May 22, 2008

testing the water maker

We get to Atlantic Highlands Marina just before midnight on Monday 18th of May.
Here we will leave Le reve for a couple of weeks while we go back home to attend to some last minute details.

One thing we have to do the next morning is test the water maker.
Eugene is the first one to try it using a "baby bottle" we find on board.
The water maker passes the test, and we look forward to having plenty of fresh water on board for the crossing.

New York City

On the 18th we get to New York City just in time to capture "Lady Liberty" in front of the sun set.

in the lock

Eugene on the front deck.

In the back you see one of the new buildings being constructed. The former one was destroyed in the flood of 2006.

We really have to push to in order to get through the locks in the short time that we did. Almost every lock was ready for us upon our arrival, and we could lock through very quickly resulting in doing all 21 locks in 2 days. pretty good going at trawler speed I would say.

On our way

(top left) We Cross Lake Onida and enjoy a beautiful sun set.
(top right) We arrive at lock 21 after dark (2100 hr) but mike navigates the boat to the lock with ease. The next day (May 17) we are the first one through the lock, which opens at 0700 hrs. This early in the season the locks are operated from 0700 hrs till 1700 hrs.
(bottom left) Next lock is lock 15.
(bottom right) Mike checks out the storage compartment and the chain locker.

Fare well Winter Harbor

On Friday May 16th we shove off from Winter Harbor Brewerton.
Tom Pirro (Owner Winter Harbor) is there to see us off.
Tom is representing the People who worked on getting Le reve ready for our
"once in a live time "
We could not be happier with the quality job done by the people of Winter Harbor.
A special "thank you" is in order for Jim, and Dick, who assisted us when we had questions even after leaving the dock. Again a big, and special THANK YOU Jim and Dick, and of coarse everyone else at Winter Harbor who helped to prepare Le reve for our journey.

Final check

A final check on the Nanni install. (get home) engine

Friday, May 9, 2008


Mmmmmmmmm ....... Das Gooooood...............


While back home we had the pleasure of welcoming "Torbin" into the world. Torbin is a cross Norwegian fiord / Dutch harness horse.

Sait drive as seen from the front

As you can see there will be very little drag when the propeller is in the "folded" position due to its stream lined shape.

Very important when you need to get every possible mile out of a gallon of Diesel. (Not many filling stations in the middle of the Atlantic)

Sail drive

The final result of the sail drive ( get home engine drive)
All that is left to be done is the bottom paint around the drive and Le reve is ready to be "splashed"

more storage

This storage box will accept a freezer for extra food. I have been telling everyone that this is for all the fish we are going to catch!!!

Extra storage

You can never have enough storage especially when underway on an extended cruise . This box doubles as an above deck seat, and bike and other storage. It is made from aluminum sheet to keep the weight down.

More "getting ready" stuff

The Nanni is installed, and the necessary hoses connected to the stabilizers.
The stabilizer, is a device that keeps the boat from rolling in heavy seas. Having it hooked up to the get home engine is very important, as this way they will do there job, even when the main engine should go down for what ever reason.