Saturday, September 29, 2007

Alexis and Breanna

Alexis and Breanna where busy in the house to get the decorations ready.

wheel barrow

One of our projects was to make a decorative wheel barrow to display the fall bounty.

Joel was very keen to help.

decorating for fall

Now that we are officially off the boat for the winter, we are spending the first week off the boat with Bart and Val's kids.
Bart and val where away for a few days, so Opa and Oma came to spend time with the grandkids.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tanya and Tyson

I "wove" you Mommy!!!

On the Fybridge

Father and Son on the flybridge


Tyson tried his hand at caching the big one.
He did not have a lot of luck.

Bath in the cockpit

They both enjoyed a container full of water in the cockpit as there bath tub.

in the sink

Tasha felt safer in the sink!!!


Some of the activities Tyson liked, was riding the waves on the tube.

T,&T, and t,& t

On the following Monday Terry and Tanya arrived with Tyson and Natasha.

The van der Veens

Sunday Sept 2de we had a fisit from Heather and Geoff and their two kids.

Went out to Oneida lake anchored out , swam, and had dinner on board at anchor.